A Summer of giving

Because of you, New Clothes 4 God's Kids secured more than 153,000 pieces of clothing to share with all of God’s kids - children and adults - throughout Southern California.

Because of you, we’ve given away over $3,000,000 worth of clothing on donations totaling $53,000.

Because of you, our partnerships with the Salvation Army and Each One Teach One grow stronger and more successful. 

In December 2018, we met at the Siemon Family Community Center in Los Angeles and Anaheim Stadium in Anaheim to help families with clothing and gifts for the holidays. Since beginning this journey, we’ve shared 53 pallets clothing with those in need, and built solid relationships with charities and churches throughout Southern California.

The need continues to be real for many, and we are grateful for the donations from friends and clothing companies alike. The goal is always the same: to help people who ask

Every time a face lights up at the prospect of receiving new clothing to wear (or share), we know we've met that goal.

If you'd like to help, please consider donating. Proceeds go to storing, sorting, and transporting the clothes throughout Southern California.

Make a deposit at the clothing bank.


The mission behind New Clothes 4 God’s Kids is simple: provide children in need with brand new clothing. We’ve done it tens of thousands of times since 2014, and we hope to do so with even more families in the years to come.


How We Work.

New Clothes 4 God’s Kids is a small, tight-knit group of volunteers who believe in helping families and sharing the word of God. We keep our expenses low and rely on strategic partnerships with The Salvation Army, Each One Teach One, and retail clothing manufacturers to nurture our supply and distribution networks – and it’s paid off. Since 2014, we’ve given away more than $3,000,000 worth of clothing in Southern California on donations totaling $53,000. Each $25 donation results in eight gifts of new clothes.

Imagine what we could do with more.

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Our Partners

At multiple events each year, New Clothes 4 God’s Kids works with throughout Southern California to provide new clothing to multiple neighborhoods. But where does our inventory come from? Partners in the clothing industry who have dressed millions of people around the world. Vans. O’Neill. Stussy. Guy Harvey. And many, many more.

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