Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you, anyway?

New Clothes for God’s Kids (NC4GK) is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates new clothing to children, youth, and low income families through the Salvation Army. They vet the recipients and distribute our gifts to truly needy individuals.

How did NC4GK start?  

Co-founder Greg Bright was watching television news report on millions of people suffering from severe cold during the winter of January 2014 when the Lord gave him a vision to donate new clothes to people in need, along with a tract explaining Christianity. He knew where new clothes could be purchased at deep discounts. The following day he purchased a domain name and met with John Lehner, who had been wanting to help the needy for the previous 10 years. Together they agreed to develop NC4GK and the Salvation Army agreed to be our distribution partner.

John then introduced two friends from the Bible study he had been attending:  Tim Bernardy and Gary Lorenz. Both agreed to contribute their time and talents; Tim's relationships with clothing manufacturers brought in large quantities of donated clothes, and Gary's management and technology background established a strong business plan based on Peter Drucker’s guidelines. John also introduced Mark Hutaff, a CPA who served as board member to several other non-profit organizations, to the group.

Does Nc4GK have plans to grow?

We started where we live – Orange County, California – and plan to distribute our clothing gifts through the Salvation Army in Orange and Los Angeles counties until all operational procedures are firmly established. Once accomplished, we will make more distributions to other domestic and international destinations if requested by the Salvation Army.

What has NC4GK accomplished to date?

What seemed impossible really is possible! We have donated more than 153,000 new clothing items through Salvation Army events in Orange County and South Central Los Angeles. Our expenses have been are minimal as we only pay for shipping, inventorying, storage, and distribution. No officer or director is paid for their contributions. As we receive new clothes directly from manufacturers there are no additional costs. Total donations during this time were approximately $53,000 and $3,060,000 in new clothes. Recently we’ve been asked by other Salvation Army locations to duplicate our efforts and plan to do so based upon resources.

How can I help?

You can contact us to volunteer your time and make a donation. If you would like to donate just hit the button and tell us how you would like donate (credit card transfer, or transfer of appreciated securities). We will do the rest and send you a receipt to deduct your donation from your income taxes. Finally, you can tell your friends about us by forwarding our Facebook page to them.   

Can I create a matching donation?

You bet. It’s a great way to double your donation. Just hit the donation button and tell us the amount you would like to contribute. In addition, be sure to tell us your termination date and we will anonymously post your matching offer on our website.  If we reach the termination date and 100% of your contribution has not been matched we will return the unused portion to you with an accounting.