The mission behind New Clothes 4 God’s Kids (NC4GK) is simple: provide children in need with brand new clothing. We’ve done it tens of thousands of times since our founding, and we hope you’ll help us grow to serve even more families in the years to come.

New Clothes 4 God’s Kids was born in 2014. Co-founder Greg Bright saw the record snowfalls of the Arctic Polar Vortex hitting the Eastern United States, learned about those who died because of a lack of warm clothing, and decided to do something about it.

Working with John Lehner, Tim Bernardy, Gary Lorenz, and Mark Hutaff, the organization quickly took shape. Both Greg and Tim had connections with clothing manufacturers and distributors that could provide donations of new clothing, while John and Gary worked to establish NC4GK as a non-profit organization. With these needs met, John and Greg set out to find a way to get clothes to the people who needed them most. They found a willing partner in The Salvation Army, one of the world’s largest charitable organizations.

Since its inception, NC4GK has donated 153,000 new clothing gifts to families across Southern California. What started as one pallet of gifts for a 2014 Christmas event in Anaheim exploded to 18 pallets across Anaheim and South Central Los Angeles in 2018. As the need continues to grow, we strive to adapt to meet those needs.

NC4GK has spent a total of $53,000 in donations to distribute these gifts, with a retail value of $3,060,000. That’s a return exceeding 50:1. Every $100 donated provided 33 new clothing gifts.

The demand is there. The need is demonstrated. And NC4GK continues to gain strength throughout the region – but we need your help.

Help be a part of our history. Help keep a kid warm this year. After all, we live to serve.