Clothing Delivers Hope

For many, the gift of a new garment is more than something to wear – it’s hope. For a child, it’s status and respect at school. For an adult, it’s the difference in making an impression at a vital job interview. And parents on a tight budget can buy food or medicine when they know their sons and daughters have something to wear.

The Bible asks us to love with actions and truth. (1 John 3:18) New Clothes 4 God’s Kids (NC4GK) chooses to do both by sharing new clothes with those who may have neither.

NC4GK is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) tax-exempt ministry with one mission – donating new clothing. We receive new clothing donated by major clothing manufacturers and distribute them throughout Southern California; our relationship with participating Salvation Army locations in the region ensures all participating families are carefully vetted for need.

The Principles Behind NC4GK

The foundation of our principles is built right into our name – God. Here are the cornerstones to how we operate within his framework:

  1. We will follow the Bible and clothe the naked.

  2. We will be good stewards of God’s resources.


NC4GK was established to provide families in need with brand new clothing. We’ve done it tens of thousands of times over the past few years, and hope you’ll join with us to serve even more of God’s children in the years to come.

The barnabas Group

From early 2014 to March 2016, NC4GK operated under the umbrella of the Barnabas Group’s non-profit tax Identification number. All donations were tax deductible for those individuals donating during this period. The Barnabas Group paid bills on our behalf and provided us with an accounting of receipts and disbursements each year. Upon receiving our Tax Exemption status in March 2016, they transferred remaining funds to us as our first donation.

NC4GK in 2019

This year, manufacturers will have donated 60,000 new garments for distribution at Salvation Army and other non-profit events.

It’s both encouraging and distressing that need outstrips our supply at every event we support. NC4GK is looking to expand the amount of donations it receives and, subsequently, our storage facility and distribution network. To accomplish this, we need a bigger space which we can operate from as a distribution center.

The Strength of Your Donation

None of the founders, directors, or officers have been paid for their efforts since NC4GK’s founding – and we plan to continue that way. Because the garments we receive are free and overhead only includes printing, transportation, and piece meal labor, a $100 donation results in 33 gifts of new clothing with a retail value of $20/item or $660!

Are You Called Also

Because of the importance and uniqueness of our ministry, NC4GK asks you to please share our vision with friends and family. In addition, you can become a founding donor by making a donation of $100. As you can see above, even a small donation like this creates a huge impact when it comes time to share clothing and God’s word throughout Southern California.

We appreciate your time and commitment. 

The NC4GK Team